The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Some am I, haven’t a clue what they’ve done beyond what i can see above.
Wevs anyway, not something id aspire to, happy with my pound land version.

To add. I read that the Dave Crawley/ Timestep psu for the 1200G gets it measuring comparably to the mk3 sp10.


I don’t think that absolute wow & flutter has ever been an issue with any of their quartz locked designs. But I do think they did have a shortcoming with regard to the smoothness of the rotation which can subjectively modify how they present tone. It appears that with the new motor & control electronics they attempted to address that in the new 1200 models. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements this new design offers over those new 1200 models other than the option to choose your own plinth & arm.


I agree, they can be a bit clangy/edgy in the midrange.


The new motor pretty much solves that, its certainly much better in my gr, to the point where i cant identity it in isolation.


Indeed, especially as PSU design seems to be much more sophisticated nowadays than it was in the days of the original designs, so I imagine that the current 1200 had a fairly decent PSU already


I would expect base turntable to be more than £8K.



and this one. Worth pausing to read the labels.


That’s my home run swing.:grinning:


Looks great
will just be too expensive.


The guy who bought my amps said he has one of those with some custom tonearm that cost him another £10k plus a Miyajima Midake cart. Should have offered to deliver it and have a listen :frowning:




It is significantly different then, god knows what the price will be. £10K plus.

(I didn’t know the Mk3 had a 10kg platter, that was up to speed in a 1/4 of a second!)


I hear they retro fit the motors into Astras for hybrid drag racing


The Mk3 was a monster, much more powerful (& expensive) than the Mk2. I doubt many went to radio stations either as the Mk2 was likely good enough.

Then there was the SP-02 motor & controller that were fitted to cutting lathes. (sometimes retro-fitted)

But I suspect that the new motor & control electronics are a step forward again after 30+ years.


Well, I’m over the moon one of the ‘giants’ has taken the risk to produce a reference audiophile TT again. I would love to hear the new SP-10R and I would imagine they will sell well (judging by how fast the ltd edition sold out)


I would imagine the first production run will be gone in no time. Almost irrespective of cost.


I have a little vomit in my mouth…

Vertere: RG-1


Bob’ll be among in a no to say he wants one.

(I agree, hideous)


Freudian slip?