The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Lol, even autocorrect is out to get him.


Meh, not my cup of tea. Very expensive I think (£20K).

I prefer the look of the Basis 1400 etc…




I feel myself lusting after a Thorens TD124 mk2. Anyone had one?


Don’t bother, an old rattler Garrard is much better.


Hmm, 124’s have their charms. Less bombastic than a Garrard perhaps but very fluid & sweet sounding nonetheless.


I actually prefer a sorted TD-150 in a nice plinth. I always found the 124 has weak bass end and a sort of hash over the midrange. It could be me, but I have heard quite a few now. Much prefer the Sony DDs, Pioneer DDs or Technics DDs to a 124. The 125 seems to have the same mid-range prominence with a subdued bass and top end.


Unless we are talking completely rebuilt units much of the above can be read as 'Age / Wear / Knackerd.


I have heard a LOT of fucked ones then.





Some of this is preference - I like Jap DD’s too but they’re very different to an idler. I guess the answer is one of each :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve heard more well restored and set up 301’s than TD124’s which have tended to be unrestored / non maintained examples. I slightly prefer the sound of 301 but the look of a TD124 :confounded:


I have both. A 301 restored in the usual immaculate fashion by @Agrail and a TD-124 mk I which was fully restored and upgraded by Schopper (and Swissonor parts) so neither can be regarded as ‘stock’ items, but particularly the 124 as it has many new parts (sub platter, upper platter, bearing, idler wheel, motor suspension etc. etc)

The 124 has a more delicate sound, but you still know you’re listening to an Idler. The Garrard has more drive and is a more dynamic listen.

Both are lovely decks and I would find it hard to choose which one I like the most. Neither are perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they are what they are, 60 year old decks (and they’ll probably last another 60) that can give as much enjoyment as anything out there given the right choice of arms, carts and, of course, music.


Would you mind expanding on this a little Paul, it would be genuinely very helpful. At the moment I’m tempted to choose one idler and one Jap DD as my two TT’s (and let my Acoustic Solid/ AN3 arm TT go to a happy new owner).


Just about to go out with the girls (dogs!) for a walk, but I’ll give you my thoughts, for what they’re worth, in more detail this evening.


Cheers Paul, appreciated.


Going the idler route does not necessarily mean a 3012/SPU setup.


Wtf, are you mad, neither of those will ever sound as good as what you already have…


At least he’ll have two turntables in two, rather than two in one. And they’ll both go round the right way.


:smirk: haven’t you got some noughts and ones you can go and listen to?


Was is an idler?

Why does anyone need two? One for hard knocks, and one for sweet, weekend imtimacy?