The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Type of drive system with a wheel between the motor and the platter. Mostly found in older decks.


You can never have too many TT’s, selling them on often leaves regret

Former owner of Sony 6750 and Thorens td135, 135 funded a 124 which has so far only collected dust :frowning:


Which 124 did you get - mk1 or 2?


I had a 124, sold it. I found it quite neutral compared to a Garrard. I prefer my Garrard.


Isn’t Johnnybaby buying a 401? You should buy that.


Selling… But yes buy that one.


What hinges are on it?


The combination that I like (out of the variants I’ve tried) on the 301 has been an SME M2-12R/ Fidelity Research FR-7. For mono, I use an Ortofon RMG-309 (12” arm, despite the strange numbering) and an SPU G Mono. Another combination that I briefly tried and ‘worked’ has been an SME 312S with a Supex SD-909.

There are many other combinations to try yet, but I keep going back to the M2-12R/FR-7 set up because I love the rich purity of tone it produces and the way it excels with most types of music.

I’ve only had an SME V (with various cartridges) on the TD-124 so far, but I’ve had less time to play with that as my entire system has been boxed up for a year now. Anyway, I’ve recently made a 12” armboard for it, so much experimentation to be had.

I think, if I were really pushed to make a choice, I would buy one of Matt’s 301’s and put an M2-12R on it (very traditional looking arm, but with all of the benefits of modern bearings and precision engineering)

As I said, these are only my thoughts, plenty others will disagree :wink:


Interesting as the combo I use most is a 312S with Supex SD900 (origninal version) on the SP10.


Ha. Yes, coincidentally I have a Supex SD 900 Super which I have used with the 312S on my SP-10 too :grin:


The other arm on the SP10 is a SME IV with a Ortofon Rhondo Bronze, more punchy and bass if you want to move air.


Very helpful chaps. Even better with photos :slightly_smiling_face:


Just pop round and I’ll get them out of the boxes and you can snap away until your heart’s content :wink:


Take Aldi beer with you Wayne




Probably less hassle if you leave them in the boxes and post them down here for the photo shoot :+1::grinning:


This is the M2-12R + FR-7

except it’s on an SP-10 :roll_eyes:


Yes, I did mean selling.


The 301 with the Ortofon RMG-309 + SPU Mono (also an SME 312S + Audio Tekne MC-6301)


(Scalford 2015)


Aaah I remember now - I thought you had that plinth, and I heard that playing in your room. Very nice :slightly_smiling_face: