The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I would take it back and get that seen too or swapped it will only get worse.


I wouldn’t be surprised if its normal, but yes i am going to check.


Does the brake pot need adjusting or have you already tried that?


OK. We have now reached the zenith, the pinnacle, the apex of turntable design. The Garrard 2000 autochanger. A veritable Vauxhall Astra of a turntable.

I’ve spent most of today getting the autochange mech to work (fairly) reliably. The sound quality on the video is unspeakable. I mostly took it just to show that some kind of sound does come out. I really don’t like working on radiograms. But I like working on autochangers even less.



Whilst looking for reviews before buying the Basis turntable there was one which mentioned drag against the bearing, when measuring the time to stop the platter. I can’t find it now but he spoke to Mr Conti who mentioned something about motors being like children (or something like that) and giving them something to do.


JC Verdier also had a similar view so despite easing the vertical load from the platter with magnets he also introduced some drag.


I got that wrong actually. Before I saw the Basis I was thinking about a Feickert Woodpecker. It was actually about the Woodpecker turntable from this review:

No wonder I couldn’t find it at first! Still, very interesting.


How’s the Basis doing? Did you choose an arm for it?


It’s not doing anything at the moment. I haven’t got the money for an arm or phono just now and still need to get the cart fixed, actually a SUT also. I’ve been taking years to put this system together and just went for it as it seemed a good price for an interesting TT.

I’ll get there eventually. So many parts of my life costing money right now. I also got a penalty for using a certain road on the way back from Kent, £70 ffs.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t noticed Hi-Fi forums…


Which model is it, Paul?


Debut Gold Standard. There was a Signature or something on ebay but that was way out of my reach.




Nice. :heart_eyes:


New Turntable by Thomas Schick.


Looks more like a singer sewing machine to me.


Which model?


Some very imaginative design aesthetics.


One with all the white plastic and dials.

Looks just like out old Singer!


Yes it does look odd. Never seen one before, I thought it was a kid’s toy.


Is it a 4HF ? If so they are much loved in the dub reggae community (bizarrely I am not joking)