The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Jah Shaka at the controls.


It sounds like you need to adjust the electronic brake. This is how it’s done on the SL1200: The 1200GR may be even easier if accessible through the platter holes.


Thanks, but no it’s not that. The GR’s brake is different and also considerably less powerful than the old design (which I’ve had in the past). Even on the highest brake force setting (altered my pushing a button and watching flashing LEDs) it doesn’t bring the platter to an abrupt stop, merely slows it down quickly.

I actually had a reply from Technics EU customer support yesterday after I e-mailed them to check. They said it’s due to magnetism in the new drive system when the power is off, they all do it. Not a fault or something you can adjust away.


Can’t say I understand that. Does it mean it will eventually sort itself out? Or are all the 1200GR decks like this?


Its inherent in the design. They all do it and will do it for ever… (i was refering to the new motor design, rather than a new motor that will run in or something, which i guess is how you read it)


I wonder why this has changed?
I’d seen older ones spin backeards when adjusted to do so which made me wonder if it was related, but clearly not.


The GR has a totally new motor and brake.

I’ll video it and post it up on here over the weekend.


It has more defined motor poles for the magnets to locate too. I had a Yamaha with a very similar motor do the same kind of thing.


A Forsell Airsystem Turntable for sale on Audiomarkt for €5900.
It has been boxed for 20 years. Also a Forsell Pre Pre Amp for €1800, €600 if you buy both.


I remember all visiting Peter Forsell at his home once (30 years ago) Great set up with Beveridge system 2 speakers and a really well sorted Goldmund studio TT. Nice chap even if complete nut case. Medical Dr too.





Paul Rigby (who?) telling Technics how to run their turntable manufacturing business. :grinning:


“I disagree. It is a “problem”. Yes, the original SP-10 was also only a motor unit, and I believe that Technics will help and direct new users to third party plinth suppliers (and maybe even work with the same). But I would suggest that time and expectations have moved on”

I differ with this argument. Many of the people who see the value of the 10R will also have strong ideas about what arm they prefer (an area Technics have never excelled at) In terms of plinth, well this allows the buyer to have a say aesthetically which many users like. OK, yes there are ‘plug n play’ customers and perhaps this is a broader market but I’m guessing that a good number of customers who would be in the £5-10K bracket are serious / knowledgeable / into it enough to put in the effort to pair the motor unit with an arm and plinth. I say this based on personal MICRO experience, We have only ever been asked for a plug and play system a hand full of times…


Yeah, the margins in manufacturing plinths and arms are what exactly compared to those that Technics will be able to make from the SP10R?

I’m sure they said they’ll produce something but it’s hardly their top priority.

Still speculating on what Technics are going to come up with by way of RRP :grimacing:


A nobody.



The motor unit only option would be my preference. I (and I suspect a lot of others) would be less attracted to a ‘package’


Yay just what audio needs, another self appointed expert! It’s not as if we don’t have fucking hundreds of these already :roll_eyes:


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