The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


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I agree with Technics, any purchaser of this will have a clear idea of which arm they want (9 or 12 as well), and this isn’t going to be a Technics one.

They could sell a few options, but by the time they have chosen a few materials and sizes they would have a big task, well out of their area of expertise. And they wouldn’t be willing to do it for the same margin as the small suppliers anyway.


I think Technics did actually offer a much uprated arm on the limited edition 1200 GAE deck they launched a couple of years ago. I’m sure they could also make a modern take on the Obsidian SL1000 plinth they used to make for the SP10 so I’ve no doubt they could (and will) put together a complete package. There’ll be plenty of well heeled potential customers who wouldn’t want to have to buy a plinth from here, an arm from there and a cartridge from somewhere else & put it all together. But it’s good that they’ve left that option open to those that would.


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I agree that some customers wouldn’t want to do that, but I imagine their dealers would be happy to sort something! One choice, and optional, seems best to me, which sounds like what they’re doing


The real question is how much change do you expect from £10k to buy one?


If it costs £10K without an arm and plinth I will be shopping elsewhere. They are decent turntables, but not for £10K.


Hence asking the question ‘how much change from £10k?’ :slightly_smiling_face:


A 35 year old Mk3 will still go for £6-7K now. I guess they’ll have to make it more than that.


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I don’t know how much mk3 prices will influence RRP but I do expect something like £8.5-9k, with second hand units being scarce and holding their value strongly.


I’m not sure they will be too bothered about any impact on the used value of old ones. There will always be some people who prefer the old ones, irrespective of the relative performance.


Not suggesting that they’ll be concerned about that, just wanting no one to perceive the older model as being better or more desirable.


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