The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


What’s the ball park price that decent Mk2 decks with correct psu go for currently?


The last one I bought was £540 including a rubbish arm and a plinth, that was USA voltage and came with a stepdown. UK voltage one (no arm or plinth) you are probably looking at £500-£700 depending on condition,

My main one cost £400 some years ago and came with a RB300/Goldring 2300 and a rather crap plinth.


I’ve just picked up a pristine unit only for £600, but it has taken me a long time looking for one in that condition and at a decent price.

Plenty of non U.K. Voltage, tatty and ex bbc units around, harder to find a good one.





Liberace remodel of the Verdier?


I want one coz it’s so silly :thumbsup:


That is the violin bow tonearm as well?




More bling (Triangle Art)


That looks terrific. What’s it for?


Reminds me,must buy some tins of baked beans later.


Shakti stone shelf.


Campbells soup can legs,.


Mobile (semi!) drilling platform


Is Sir trying to overcompensate for something?


My latest DIY TT


I purchased it from you at half of what it cost you to build and modified it bettererer, thus:


Not quite sure why people think I want or own one, 'cos I don’t and won’t. Looks crap, but Triangle Art appear to be an up-and-coming in the top end TT market. Who has the UK franchise?


Ha, denial! :grinning: