The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


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How does the boat spin in the opposite direction? Surely it would spin in the same direction as the platter, if it counter rotated there would be no twisting effect to worry about


It is because of reasons.

And the laws of physics.


What the electromagnetic force in the motor does is to set up a ‘push’ between the rotor (attached to the platter) and the stator (attached to the boat, or the earth) . The push acts on both the rotor and the stator. If the stator is attached to something really massive (strictly something with a large moment of inertia, but that often involves a large mass) then it hardly moves. The rotor does all the moving and the platter goes round while the boat or earth stays almost still. The way that a force results in opposing motions is more familar to us if we think of motions in a straight line rather than rotary motions, but the principles are the same. If you’ve ever been in one boat and pushed against another boat you’ll know that when you start pushing both boats move. If one is heavy and one is light then the heavy one doesn’t move much and the light one moves a lot. And they move in opposite directions (away from one another). The same’s true of rotation.

You’re right about the twisting effect though. There really is nothing to worry about.




I like this. The platter speed is locked by measuring the actual speed of the platter itself multiple times a second so no variations irrespective of load. The arm is massive and machined of multiple metal types to kill any resonances.


That kind of motor control isn’t particularly new though. I was looking at one of these in a hifi shop a week or so back. A very elaborate suspension system providing vertical isolation. No isolation afforded for horizontal excitation though. The stylus / groove needs to be isolated in all 3 planes if possible.


What is this? I like the big look.


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It’s the hernia MKII which takes over from the very popular traction pro MKI.


It would make a pretty decent fairground ride !




Genuine question but isn’t horizontal easier to isolate against, thinking the symposium roller block type arrangement with the deck sat on the moveable platform .


I would like one of those. :heart_eyes:


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Nice pic showing how the Koma drives its dual platters


Round profile drive belt, stop that.


I know.