The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Nice line up of 301’s in this video


He should have spent a few quid having the platter lip polished and lacquer. It looks crap like that.

This is how the platter should look



The material is Corian by DuPont. You can have it in several colors. The mat shown on your t/t is the Tenuto mat by Puresound.



Anamighty Sound are a new customer & when I can get my grubby mitts on some more Tenutos, they’ll be getting some.


Have you heard the PTP Turntable Guy?


Maybe at shows. I recall being very impressed by one of Gthang’s Lenco’s which had the PTP plate and which I imagine would have been similar (if not even more evolved). The design has great potential if everything is optimised.


Why? What is the thinking - what’s it doing?


When properly sorted it can have a quiet (enough) smooth & fairly powerful drive system.


PTP Solid 12 Turntable.


And bearing upgrade.


3000 euros for a Lenco L75 seems a bit excessive.

This seems much better looking and value to me…


That is very nice. What is it?



Thanks. Forgot all about that firm


It’s an updated Lenco with a Corian Plinth.


Ok, so they’re shite but I still want one


A Technics SL7 or SL10 will do the same job and run off 12V.


I can quite literally throw a rock Inspire Hifi’s place from where I’m sat.


I helped a friend set up his first vinyl system last night. He bought all the kit 2 years ago and because of moving house and life comments only got settled enough to get it set up recently.
It is an Inspire Apollo with all the trimmings of external power supply, RB1000, and a very nice dynavector karat 17d3, plus the extra isolation platform Inspire made for them.
It is in mint condition just like new. For what he paid for it I thought it was a bargain and it sounded lovely.