The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Could your elbow take the strain of shifting it around Bob?


He’ll just pay a woman from North Wales to scale the wall and shift it for him :+1:


Elbow is all fine now.


Having a suspension system which effectively isolates everything both horizontally & vertically above a frequency of 2-3 Hz is actually quite difficult to do, the most impressive system I’ve seen is in the Dohmann turntable which incorporates a Minus K platform within its plinth. It was being shown at Munich on a very flimsy lightweight table & we were allowed to push that table around while it was playing without being able to upset the cartridge in the groove.


That was weird, but rather impressive.


Yes, it doesn’t necessarily follow that everything else was right about that design but in terms of isolation I’ve never seen anything like it.


Must have! With a lol cartridge


“To appreciate vinyl you have to see it” Really? :flushed:


Seems you will be doing in any case. Kinda unavoidable with a physical playback format. Just more clueless hipster blah!


Is Gramovox the new Steepletone?


Wash your mouth out!



No. Don’t be silly…:rolling_eyes:


Seems to me that Steepletone is boringly conventional and would at least work. Gramovox on the other hand has a pivoted arm that operates in the vertical plane, defying the law of gravity and “full range speakers” mounted in the plinth. This surely is the new standard in shit vinyl replay.


You’re just jealous of its 2 inch neodymium speakers.


Er, most of my speakers are 2"! :grinning:


Yeah, by 2 metres… :grin:


they’re the horns, not the speakers :wink:


Wish I had a 2 metre horn.
(Brought to you by the Intergovernmental Department for Double Entendres).


Fairchild and 150 cm long arm…What could possibly go wrong


I’ll just open the curtains honey

Yeah, ok darling

Err, honey…