The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Ahem, I placed a platter (that I made) on top of a cheap cast iron bearing housing from a 50hp electric motor.


It is a thing of beauty!


What were you thinking :thinking:

But the platter is the best thing about it :slightly_smiling_face:


I walked past my scrap bin and thought oooooooo that looks heavy.


Would like to hear that, is it still in Florida?


Tell the truth. Someone said ‘there’s no fucking way you could make that into a turntable’

and you fell for it



Actually, someone on another forum said “You cant do that it will ring like a bell.”

Hence the logo/strap line on


They should do a turntable special -



The platter/bearing was made in such a way it was easy to put in any plinth/base. I intended to make something out of epoxy granite but wanted to try out the platter.

Id also just bought a powder coating gun and spotted some heavy bits in the scrap heap and happily started powder coating anything I could reach.

Then I came home to the UK, the platter alone weighs 15kg so in Florida it sits.



Can we have a whip round to pay shipping and retrieve the platter from Florida if it is mounted suitably

Pig / boar / Conservative voters skull ?


I like skulls.


Going back to proper turntables that don’t have rubber bands for a moment, that’s the first pic I’ve seen of the SL-1000R.

I think I’m in love… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Haha someone has spent days lovingly carving the designs, then someone else has said - no, this needs tusks glued on…


… even if they would have meant that the animal couldn’t see forwards.



Yeah but no but… Babirusa… (which I know this isn’t)


Oh jesus… take the wheel!


This (below) is that new SP10R motor unit dropped into Technics’ newest plinth with their current best arm.

Supposedly the plinth and motor unit are back compatible so the new motor unit could be dropped into one of the older SL1000 plinths.


Beautiful looking deck


The best. Bigly.