The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I would like to have one of those, it looks nice.


Won’t it jump once the punters start dancing ?


Yep, once the needle drops on Chic then it’ll bounce all the way to the runout :man_dancing:t2::dancer:



So 10K for a plinth and arm. Makes sense :thinking:


They’re guessing. Nobody knows the price yet


Two to three grand for the motor unit and speed controller would be a good price.


My money’s on roughly 5 times that. Sadly :frowning:


Yep I think when the prices are announced disappointment beckons for the majority of wannabe owners.


I think you will be right. In which case the originals remain a slightly better vfm option.


If the new plinth / arm sounds like the SP1000 MK2 version, not so good, you are better off with a customer plinth and a decent arm.


It doesn’t appear that this plinth bears much relation to the old Obsidian one. Can’t really comment on the arm. it looks like what they fitted to the GAE version of the new 1200 model which was supposedly ok. Their promo pic showed the deck with 3 arms installed the other 2 being the 9" and 12" Ortofon models.

Seems like £15K with plinth & arm, £7.5K without plinth.


That is a nice looking deck, but £15K will buy you an awful lot of TW Akustic, Transrotor, Dr Feikert, Brinkmann, STST, Bergmann, Systemdek, Linn, Roksan etc etc etc. You might even get some wonk into your life for that kind of ££.

I think my money would go elsewhere TBH, but that is a matter of personal choice.


a wee Sonos box and an absolute snowstorm of coke.


Bit more on the SP…


Those were the days… ~wistful sigh~

(more like £15 mind…)


Any idea on production run figures?


This has the fugly




Gopping :scream: