The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


It seems there’s also a more expensive Cheshire version in black and gold.


On the optional audiophile pallet base - £2,599 to you sir :wink:


Beyond hideous. Needs smashing with a rusty hammer.




Less is more, quite literally…


That looks great. :^


Klassik Analog Audio DD-55FV Vacuum suction air flotation turntable


Yes please.


A quick look and thought it was a job with 2 pans on it !




Not totally convinced by the looks, but I’d love to know more about the design and to hear one. The Internet seems bereft of info on it :frowning_face:



Anyone know the make of this tt


I think that’s the Skipfodder 90120 SE.


tonearm looks like a gray micro trak minus the headshell, assume that was an old studio as they were broadcast tonearms, fuck knows what the TT is though.


could be a russco as you can just see the selector sticking out the front and it has the same blue mat


Chad Valley?


QRK seemed to use the same chassis.


Its strange but has some charm


drove past that sign last year with the mrs.
we both laughed like 8 yearolds