The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Manufacturer is supposedly being kept secret for now (due out later this year - probably) anybody care to guess who the maker is?




Do you know that or is it just a guess?

(I have no idea btw)


A guess


If it isn’t AK it is from somebody who likes his design principles. Could it be the new Anniversary?


It does also have a Pink Triangle on it.


Yeah I have just spotted that. Also, the arm looks like the one Arthur has been developing forever :grinning:


Didn’t he find he was infringing some Schroeder patents with the earlier version?

Personally I think this looks awful.


Haha, didn’t spot that.


Ha, Arthur and patents, I do remember something about that but don’t know what the outcome was. It does look a bit :poop: The arm, excessive use of glass and the motor and pully 3 point drive are the big clues, other than the PT. I am surprised by the choice of motor placement though. Seems convienience won that argument. Bet it will sound good though, all his record players have ability :+1:


Is it by Qo’nos?



FAAAAAR too elaborate, FAAAAAR too big, yuk!


Not aimed at you, it’s aimed at people with a lot of disposable I would suspect.


Look East, brother :+1:


What, have you seen any oil rigs? This is nothing on them.

I like the way that the platter is in the middle, the asymmetry of most TTs irritates me. I quite like the contemporary design as well. Less keen on the legs though.


Prefer the look my youngest was developing while making a custom box to hold my birthday present that was presented to me this morning


That is cute as hell! Proud dad moment :ok_hand:


Bling! That’s great :slight_smile:


Yep, they know what I like, she even saved her pocket money and ordered me a Gogol Bordello record from Amazon, set up her own account and everything. Is probably now in the process of emptying my account on the purchase of blingles :flushed:


Happy birthday.