The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Wtaf are they thinking?


Probably how much LSD did we take before we made this


That was one shit trip


That is apt as the shape of the body of that thing reminds me of the potty my kids used to toilet train.






That is just a rendering, fake news.


The thread title is about design.




Who the fuck is that beside grumpy May?


Garry Glitter - guess where his finger is


Stenchtrench is my guess.


The downside to running through the fields of wheat is the creation of particularly tight bunz, Garry had to to use the patented ‘glove of love’ for entry.






Tax issues aside, he seems to be a nice enough bloke if somewhat odd. I’ve seen him in our local butcher on Allerton Road very frequently. He can be very funny. It appears that his hair is like that 24/7 too.


No it isn’t


How do you know Paul? You haven’t been knocking that hideous thing up in your shed have you? :worried::worried::worried:


I know because

Metaxas & Sins "Phonographic Perambulator No.1

To be unveiled at Munich