The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I wouldn’t give it shed room


Being a nice bloke got him off the tax charges.


Yep, that or George Carmen QC. I like the way he used to introduce himself to the audience following the acquittal:

“Good evening, my name is Kenneth Arthur Dodd; singer, photographic playboy and failed accountant!”

Never found his act funny. He is fucking hilarious in the butchers though, largely through not seeming to have a clue about what is going on.


If it gets repeated on R4, the Chain Reaction where Tim Vine interviews him is properly funny.


Extra long spindle for super sized hat?


It’s to make it easier to pick up (definitely no pun intended!) when you’re about to throw it in the skip (again NO fucking pun)


Hmmm, the arm appears to be inspired by a base level 1980s Technics turntable. I’d say the SL-BD22.

I wonder if they’ll be making a new P- Mount cartridge for it?


Hope so.


P-Mount is the future :+1:





Headshell or werther’s original?



Never heard one, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up if I got the chance


One for Jim and Pete. :crazy_face:


Meh. Needs a damn good clean as far as I can see.


Indeed, looks like a child with jammy fingers has been using it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fremer seems to like the SP10R (in SL-1000R format)


Information here suggests pricing of £8k for the SP10R and £14k for the SL1000R.


The base unit is a fair price, the plinth and arm over priced. Mk3 SP10 going to lose a lot in value as the people asking £6K are not going to get it, maybe £4K now.


Yep, fast forward a few years and these SP10Rs will be on the second hand market for what, 50-60% of retail?

The eBay chancers trying to flog SP10 mk3s are going to be very disappointed.