The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I agree, if I owned a Mk3 SP10 I would have off-loaded it last year. The MK2 is still good value at about £1K for the motor unit. MK3 is pretty much on par with a MK2 with a copper mat.


Anyone recognise the arm/tt?


Annoying pig-ignorant yank visits Excelsound -


Wow, what a total tosser…


Absolutely, but interesting to see quite how tiny their factory is!


When I visited, Audio Note Japan’s factory was much smaller than that & they were making amplifiers speaker drivers etc as well as cartridges. Somehow fitted a small machine shop in aswell. I think they eventually moved somewhere else which I presume is larger now as the amp side of their business is most of it these days.


Interesting place. Just a shame they didn’t push him down the stairs.


That’s the same idiot who on another of his videos has a good laugh about how he ripped off a stroke victim whose wife didn’t know the value of his records. Pushed down the stairs is right. And then watch helplessly as his record collection is sold off for peanuts.


If that is true he truly deserves to have his legs broken.

Comes on the heels of discovering some massive hypocrisy and backstabbing on the part of someone who vaunts their religion for all to see, and considers themself to be some kind of moral spokesperson for the industry…

No wonder our hobby / industry is looked down upon with disdain and contempt - even by those who are a part of it!


Behold the wondrous ‘Frankentable mk1’ ™


@Navigator :slight_smile:


Is that platter mat made from @J_B 's jumper :laughing:


Love the Hipster on/off switch. :heart_eyes:


Not sure if this has been posted before, but FFS


Emile must be turning in his grave


What the Actual Fuck? Explain yourself, wretch!



Wow! That really is the worst.


The only way that could be improved on would be a limited edition ‘Lady Di’ embossed platter version.


I would think a leaded window lid with a Lady Di mural on it is appropriate.




It’s a Thorens TD160S, abused Sl1200mk2arm and a Linn K9 cartridge.
It actually had great mid range and didn’t sound awful at all (amazingly!).

Dad built it out of spare old bits to test a few theories and have a bit of a larf :grin: