The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


That’s crazy :slight_smile:


Sorry. I mean audiophile.


Oi, watch your language! You’ll be lowering the tone of the place to depths as yet unplumbed if you carry on like that.





I’d want to stick it in the middle of the room and limbo!


Yeah then straight on Ebay two dislocated knees later!


Handy for detecting earthquakes, tidal stretching of the earth’s crust, gravitational waves etc, etc. What’s the arm mass ?



or fishing



3M, a future AA bake off challenge ?


The guy may have ‘issues’.


The wires are wrapped around the arm - it must be an Io Ltd :grin:


A shoddy effort IMHO. If a roof has not been cut away and an Astra estate used as counter weight - I’m underwhelmed.


Pah! You’re assuming they’ll use a Decca cartridge then? Not even a turbocharged astra estate could wring a decent tune out of such a rig.



Interesting headshell design. Quite like the concept tbh.

Zorin Audio PUA-9


Yeah but is it rigid? Do you need to make adjustments there anyway? It seems a better system to me to have a standard system of cartridge geometry, so you don’t need much adjustment of headshell angle.


Looks rigid enough. I guess it would be nice and easy setting overhang. You’re probably right about angle adjustment though.


My thoughts exactly, I would be worried sick that the stylus was running at an angle in the groove :confounded:


Adjusting the height of the pillar is less sensitive and therefore easier.

Stupid design.


Some ones DIY effort, I approve.