The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Schroeder has done something similar with a linear tracking arm with a double bearing at the pivot point. Linear tracking but without the scaffold!


New HD Vinyl announced in What Hi Fi.


meh…i already have it :smile:


What’s that then? I can’t bare to ‘read’ What Hifi.


Quote from owner uses the word vinyls, therefore will be useless.




It also has a review on the Kronos t/t.:slightly_smiling_face:


“To create HD vinyl, the audio is first digitally converted”

Fuck you Digital




Just tape it on an R2R and all will be well.


Like reversing the polarity :smiley:


I thought vinyl already was HD?



Just spotted on Facebook.



I think that was discussed on here a while back. It is almost ugly enough to qualify for the TechDas catalogue. I wonder if it is any good? It certainly has pedigree.


Ah sorry, missed it before. It looks like something he would design these days.


I reckon it will sound magnificent but will be mega mega monies


The tonearm has a kind of Starship Enterprise thing going on around the headshell, and a homage to overhead powerlines along the wand. Interesting looking thing.


Yeah it’s a tangential design, funky :grinning:


It’ll be at Munich. Arthur was somewhat miffed that a pic of it had been released when I talked to him at Bristol.