The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Just has too many different materials - far too fussy a design.


Needs a second platter…


The mat looks like it came off a BD1


Yep, if it’s better than an Anni, it should sound pretty special.


I’m sure it will sound great,really don’t like the look of it though.


I think that’s what the design is all about.


Seen far worse.


Seems like anyone who goes to Munich has.


Compared to some of the stuff at Munich it’s a bastion of aesthetics and good taste. I don’t think it’s actually that bad, but then most of the turntables people on here seem to like the look of look woefully dull / dated.


As opposed to too many platters :rofl:


Strangely that’s what I see with the design of this TT. Like a DIY job of bits & bobs from the 70’s & 80’s with a sprinkle of modernity. The platter mat appears to want to spin back to the 70’s. Glass, or whatever it is, reeks of 80’s coffee table as do the space age legs that jut so flaccidly from the wood that looks like it wishes it was somewhere else. The ‘Enterprise’ arm’s questionable aesthetics seem to point towards a one night ‘nerdgazm’ rather than anything you might want a relationship with.


It’s really growing on me. The more I notice in the design the more I can see how Arthur has tried to address every issue that can reduce sound quality. Those jutting out legs look like they form part of a very interesting suspension system and it won’t be a mat but part of the platter. Any one fancy a guess the RRP sweepstake :heavy_dollar_sign:


Including the arm, I’ll guess at £14k


I would guess at £35K including arm.


Will it be at Munich?


A certainty I would think


Can someone going please hunt it out and give us an opinion. :pray:




I’ll go for £10K