The Wonderful World of Turntable Design



£24,000 for the arm and £15,000 for the TT


That’s Numberwang…


Hey @coco check out number one.


The photo doesn’t even show a Reference :roll_eyes:


Cool article!


Just spotted who wrote it, lol.


Yes, did he pay you well for the image of your old SP10? :grin:


I thought it was mine at first but it’s your old twin slate plinth before I bought the arm and board.


SP10s are the best. I say so.


I’ll get him to buy me beer at Munich.


You say lots of things, some are even true/correct.


Guessing this only came 6th :confounded:


Was a joke, assumed you knew tbh. That said a beer is always good payment, especially in Munich!


Where is the LP12?


Haha, I didn’t but Ed has asked about using my photos in the past and I told him there was no problem.


It’s about good turntables.


Is the Voyd Mike’s selling a Reference?

If so, I’m surprised it’s not been snapped up…:thinking:


If it was a ref at that price he would have lost an arm


I sold my Reference 15 years ago. This is nearly as good :wink:


7th after the steepletone