The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


And I suspect the target market will have a few 301s already and won’t need to sell.


My post on the SP10 m3 was about the new SP10r
You’d have to hope it was an uograde based on the specs and cost!


Looking at SME’s catalogs, it won’t be forum goers buying a new 301 at £15k.
Full refurb AG or CTC at £2.5K are hardly common place here because we’re all tight wads.

It’s those folk who walk into a shop who might bite, but suspect the 301 will be too old and vintage for the new money. Those who were old enough to remember and lust in the early 60’s will be past investing that sort of money?

Happy to be wrong, I’m sure my 301’s value will continue its upward spiral .


Indeed, but until that is proved to me, I shall keep an open mind.


Not the best pic in the world maybe should be in the Munich thread


Hmm, yes. The mythical PT…


It exists!
No pro photographer could take such a rubbish pic.
Arthur talked for ages about what he wasn’t allowed to talk about.


Except, no motor(s) no tonearm and no demo.


The motor unit is £8K, their new plinth is also maybe £6K. The new motor unit fits old plinths.


Much of an upgrade? You’re looking for significant upgrade over a TT unit with already very good specs, right up there - I cant see it. I’m sure they’ll want to release the R with slightly improved specs but I wouldn’t expect anything more than very marginal.

The R is about Technics re-launching something high end which they’re pretty confident is going to sell, and bring prestige to their overall family of decks which they’ve reintroduced over the last few years.

As @pmac says, how material any specified improvement is to the actual sound over and above a mk2/3 remains to be seen.


Based on what I heard at Bristol, I’d say it offers a tangible improvement over the Mk2. It really did sound as if they’d nailed the motor control giving a much smoother presentation of tone/timbre. I suspect it’ll also be producing a good deal less internal vibration, ie still quieter backgrounds aswell. Compared with the daft amounts being asked for many technically inferior designs, the price of the motor unit actually seems cheap (for what it does)


Interesting. I can see that lovely new motor unit sat inside my plinth… maybe not for £8k though. Hopefully once there’s a decent amount on the market we’ll see some used examples available to snap up.



That is surprisingly not awful.


I had a little wee.


Artisan charge a fair bit for that…


Classic Turntable Company apparently.


If Happyland did idlers.


That is an abomination.


Very much this.