The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Which now would fit onto a micro SD card, less than 1cm square and 1mm thick. Amazing really!


Does the micro SD card have an iconic sleeve?


yep see through


Try playing that fucker on a tt…:stuck_out_tongue:


It is also possible to put images of the greatest paintings known to man on a one, what a disgraceful way to treat art.


In Stronzetto’s case, presumably that comprises all of pornhub?


As he is banned from public spaces ( toilets / beauty spots and car parks) his real life experience of his notion of ‘art’ is now somewhat confounded. To this end technology has blessed him with Cam girls and wank lines, these are his bastion. Sadly his hoofing often leads to wank lines cutting him off as a heavy breather and the cam girls just don’t seem to take glue as payment. Still he behaves like an addled Pepé Le Pew.

Perhaps this is why politics suits him so well?


when he understands the timing of the Imodium harvest, and mastered free range dildo wrangling he’ll almost be ready for leadership


Faff factor 9:


There’s a major part of me that screams WHY? :face_with_monocle:


They look terribull :wink:


Almost teribil.


Just needs a badge with a scull…


Looks like an explosion in a CNC shop.


The cross slide tables for arm mounts :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I like these decks, they represent the analogue affliction fairly well. I want to know if the maker is closer to: End game or the psych ward?


Stop salivating…


Rambling, puddled buffoon going on about record players.


Excellent, calm, considered with a trustworthy tone. I was conflicted in the product run down as no mention was made of ‘Curd’ by the same token I appreciate the need to keep it exclusive. I have been working on my interview techniques and wondered if the opening gambit of “This one goes out to all you lovers out there” could be a tad forward? Apparently some folks like honesty, so perhaps “Je suis un scumbag” may be a finer way to arrest initial attention?


Unrealised tendency to say ‘kind of’ too often.