The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


As ticks go this is much better than Uuuummm, Eeerrrrr, or ass blood.


Not as bad as him constantly saying ‘and how much is that then’


Always aim to be vague re pricing. Anything is possible.,:smiley:


Really not enough mention of Foo I think. Also no mention of Schuman, which cannot , of course, be construed as foo in any way.


A Pure sound / Van Den Hul question time would rank up there as essential viewing along with ‘Edward Penis Hands’ and the ‘Toxic Avenger’.


Nice interview,still surprised he didn’t want a chat with me about my rice dishes.


Yeah, schoolboy oversight there.


I think he’s edited out all the Schumann wisdom (about 45 minutes worth) I’m guessing his audience can only take so much on board and the repetition of the mantras may have given him subsequent legal difficulties. I was surprised he let me paint a mandala on his forehead tbh.




My new playthings.

Helius Designs Viridia with magnetic bearing and magnetic feet together with the new Tri-planar SE. My first brand new arm since my original Odyssey in 1984 when I wanted but could not afford the Tri-planar then


Review of the new high end top dollar Technics disco deck -


I want one badly.

C’est la vie!


Eight grand for the motor unit.


Not so surprising given what 30-35 year old Mk3’s can fetch.




Even though I couldn’t afford one,it still looks to me a real bargain


Once these are on the second hand market then they become a very viable proposition.


Get a move on then!


£299.95 in Richer Sounds soon :slight_smile:


Get me one when you spot 'em. :heart_eyes: