The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


I would like to have one of those to barely use as replacement for the disco deck that gathers dust.


It’s a shame, isn’t it. I’ve always stuck with vinyl and well remember when a new cartridge was needed every two years. But digital is just so damned easy and convenient it eats up listening time. I try to play LPs at a minimum of once a week at weekends but it’s slipping away, somehow.


Why are all of these Kickstarter turntables so awful?

40 years after a Technics SL-10 & but from the stone age by comparison. Just why bother?


That is a dog, the arm is a dog and the TT looks rubbish. Why have the platter so low so you either scratch the surface of the TT or damage the record.


Decent electrical kit needs decent research budget.

Good ideas never usually translate that well without it!


Because the wheel doesn’t need re-inventing. Not only did they manage to invent it a hundred years ago but then hundreds (I’m guessing) of full-time engineers the world over spent decades optimising it, resulting in the apex products of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. It’s true that we have more advanced technology now. But it would have to be ground-breakingly applicable a) to extend the performance beyond the levels already reached and b), as SAP7 says, to be deliverable with the tiny development resources (even with Kickstarter) that anyone can now afford to spend.



Smacks of a few off the shelf bits cobbled together into something that will break in a month.


is what the designer deserves for inflicting that shite on the innocent punter deluded enough to contribute via this kickstarter


2,850 Singapore Dollars. Not worth it.


It was a rhetorical question. I wasn’t expecting an explanation :grinning:


This Acoustand plinth for the SP10R looks like a decent alternative to the Technics package.


Yep Lee does some very nice plinths.


His takes a twelve incher as well.



Sorry. Bee in my bonnet (not mostly about TTs, to be fair).



Ah yes, the acoustic properties of aluminium :slight_smile:


Delrin core & billet bottom. Probably does OK


Wood plinth man not keen on metal plinths shocker :grinning:


To be fair, his are wood and resin, well at least mine is that Bob kindly made.


ITN news production room. London 1970


Like that a lot, however don’t recognise the linear tracking arm.