The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


Like Sean Bean in GOT ?


Lovely bit of timber


Classic arpenters solution to any problem. He asked one what he thought would improve his stereo system and the answer was rather predictably, a fuck off chunk of wood.


I prefer the MK3 Sp10 by quite a margin I recently had both playing the Mk3 has a very solid powerful midrange in comparison sounds even lees grainy, huge wide sound stage the bass was also notably deeper. Comparing the two is quite interesting

The only downside is that the prices seem to be only going one way for the MK3 the MK2 remains quite a bargain.


That is an interesting first post. Welcome aboard!


He’s right though :grinning:

Some resin would make it tremendous though.


Copper mat from Micro Seiki and they are near identical. Add a nice resin plinth to a mk 2 and it sounds better.

The rubber mat in the Mk2 is real shit.


Don’t own the comparatively lowly Mk2 by any chance, do you Bob ?


What makes you think that :laughing:


Two actually and I have compared mine to a stock mk3, I prefer mine. Mind I also prefer the Kenwood and Sony X9 to a mk3.


Sorry about resurrecting this thread but this fugly thing demands your attention:

The owner calls it a Maplenoll Ariadne Signature with air bearing arm and platter. Seemingly the great granddaddy of the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond V.



It’s a fantastic deck. My old boss used to have one.

Vacuum hold down of the record too.

Plinth is a Corian/Lead composite and the Platter is some ungodly lead alloy as well.


When it comes to decks I think I must like fugly!


I like this.


me too


I agree. It looks totes amazeballs to me Harry.



Don’t encourage him :unamused:


Technical term, I think. You can see them in the top pic supporting the upper ply sheet. Yellow spot I’d guess.



I was thinking white but hey ho !