The Wonderful World of Turntable Design


hahaha…good one.



Vertere?? (Not sure of spelling to be honest, I’ll await the torrent of pedantry…)


I believe you are correct. I think it’s quite elegant in a Cheshire kinda way.


Contradiction in terms surely?


Only in the sense that bling is usually ugly but in this case the basic soundness of design trumps (sorry!) the bling factor.


I think the impact of the fugly is reduced by the transparency which is very Cheshire in a ‘more chrome with my glass’ kinda way.

Supposed to sound good though. The TMS Signature is really good…


Had a dem of this - great sounding table, surprisingly so. If it wasn’t for the love of Perspex polishing…


Looks like a tarted up LP12, not for me.


That is the expensive one up at SME 30 territory isn’t it? The “poverty” one at £6k with a double layer of perspex is supposed to sound very good also. They do some very expensive wanky wires as well I believe.



:flushed: uncanny Pete coco doppelgänger!



LOL, vinyl Roomba.


Not this one but the Klimo Labor Beorde t/t for sale on Higher Fi. $6495.


Here it is.


Anyone heard a Dr Feickert The Woodpecker?

I quite like it though it’s more normal looking than the oil rig types I normally lust after.


looks better than this:


Get to feck with your sub-warp speed turntables!


It seems that the tonearm is playing the label on that one!