The wonders of mobile telecommunication



Old Samsungs are shit. As are all of the mini versions.


Yer maw!


Moto G series are great.

The main mic on my second gen G LTE stopped working after 2 'n a half years of hassle free use. (hands free mic wuz still working)

Vodafone currently have the G4 Play @ only £79 as a locked/Paygo handset deal.

You do have to buy a £10 Vodafone Paygo SIM to qualify on their site. But this does still give you a rather decent spec handset for only £89, you may be able to flip the SIM fer a fiver. Cheapest price otherwise for this handset unlocked tends to be £135/£140’ish mostly.

I used this unlocking service on eBay for the second time. >>

Only £1-79 to furnish me with t’ unlock code & they messaged me this inside 25mins of making the payment. (Make sure to request they message/email this to you, rather than their 1st class post method)

Really nice in use. Quite svelte having a 5" screen, yet still usefully larger than my old G’s 4.5". 16GB built in storage + micro SD slot fer expansion. Totally smooth & none laggy in use, big improvement over my old un. Other highlights, are a fairly high capacity battery, nearly half again the capacity of my older G. Corning Gorilla glass screen, which is always summat I try 'n spec for smartphones/tablets, soo no screen protector needed. The battery is also user replaceable which wasn’t the case for my second gen G LTE.

It is also shed loads better for tethering/creating a WiFi hotspot than the older model. The WiFi zone is considerably larger/more robust than my old G. Making for placing the handset easier & less temperamental.

If you need to order two handsets at once, you may be able to save a tenner by only stumping fer one prepay SIM? Worth trying in any case.

I’m also on 3, currently getting unlimited/all you can eat texts, calls, internet + Data allowance with a 30 Gig tethering allowance on top for only £19 per month.

All the current G4 gen of handsets, take a micro SIM. The latest G5 models take a nano SIM. Bear this in mind if you are already running a nano SIM, as you may need to order a replacement SIM, depending on which handset you end up with.


Buying the Vodafone one and unlocking is a good idea. Couple this with a SIM card from iD, which gives iirc 2 gig for six quid a month with no tie in, and you’re golden.


Yup, there is no Vodafone branding on these either. So what you end up with is same same as a factory supplied unlocked model.

I also did this last time too, fer t’ G LTE on the Tesco network, think I saved around £30 last time vs a ready unlocked model.


As long as it’s easy to unlock. I bought a shitty Vodafone a couple of years ago and it was quite a challenge to unlock


Ah, I presume that may have been one of their own brand models?

The G4 play has at least passed this as a test case by me. :slight_smile:

Fairly easy to run a search for which models have easy unlock codes available, some can take longer too. A quite tasty Huawei I was also looking at said up to 8-10 days to get the code.


This is the varifocal thread all over again. :slight_smile:


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Yes, but you may encounter problems with wind noise and effective range.


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