Today I have mainly been




Me and Stu spent 45 minutes struggling to fit a Velux window blind. My wife came up to offer her opinion and managed to fix what me and Stu couldn’t…Master craftsmen of course know this to be beginners luck.


Happens here daily





What’s there that you needed.

Apart from a Tesco and a greggs?


My experience with tumble dryers:
1 all of the non condenser ones are shit. They might get rid of spare heat, but pumping it out of the house is bloody stupid
2 the low efficiency ones are fairly shit. They pump loads of heat into the room, might be ok in winter, shit in summer
3 get one rated A++ or better that is a condenser


Miele washer dryer is just perfect for two, no ducting, condensate drains out of the washing machine outlet…


Just got a Miele heat exchange.
Works a treat.




And as the anti mumsnet, just finished changing the speakers in the car doors.


Art Audio.


Sharing my plums with all and sundry.

Bumper crop this year, the trees are sagging under the weight of ripening fruit. Kilos distributed to neighbours and family. Schnapps prepared, with jam and chutney to follow. Might even rustle up a crumble on Sunday.

Good job I like plums.


I could trade them for blackberries. 18lb in the freezer already. I’ve probably lost 20-30% of the crop so far to birds and just not having the time to pick them. I reckon there are still more on the bushes than have ripened. I’m probably going to get 3lb in at the weekend, freeze two, eat one (in a crumble, with an apple or two) and then let the rest go, or maybe pick them only for eating/cooking straight away.



Ah, I love blackberries (or brambles, as we always called them) I wish they grew up here


Filled half a big tub from my garden today.
Right pain trying to find the ones the birds have left.

I do like a bramble crumble with some cheeky rhubarb.


An American mate with Croatian ancestry uses every last one to make sliv.

Crumble schmumble.


My cousin in Austria used to make it, to my grandfathers recipe, but it’s called Schnapps in Steirmark. He’s sold the family farm & now he’s retired, so my supply has run out. He made great kürbiskernöl too. Kind of a shame, as he had talent, but farming is a bloody hard life and I don’t blame him one little bit.


When you say Schnapps, are you distilling…?


They do go well infused in vodka or a grain alcohol, did you not have any of my crème de mure at lopwell graeme?


I was wondering that