Today I have mainly been


When I used to work at a smokery, this was the most expensive thing we had, by far. Most, if not all, were imported from the Netherlands. We sold all we could get.
And smoked cod’s roe.


Out walking and popped into greenway for a look around, splendid views of the dart


Get them jellied. Last time we had some was in Whitstable.

Today at Wembley watching the pre-season friendly; Spurs vs Juventus - Spurs 1 up at half time and looking good


Nobu does lovely eels :+1:


You too :rage:




Cooking a Balti chicken curry and basmati rice with mushroom and prawns. Both from scratch.

Lovely. Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow (there’s plenty).


Greenaway is nice but I’d also recommend Coleton Fishacre down the road. Amazing Art Deco interiors.


Short walk with family


Beautiful countryside round your parts.


“It’s nice out, I think I’ll leave it out!”


Hastings Country Park with dogs and grandkids. Perfect post nosh walk.


building a new cat scratching post and chasing this to stop Louise screaming the house down

2017-08-06_04-49-40 by uh_simon, on Flickr


Have you got a pic with an Astra (say) for scale ?



It found it’s way outside…


about the size of the palm of Louise’s hand. Maybe 10cm across


Attempting to forgo the temptation to finish off today’s tiffin until after nap o’clock


See if you can fit a whole one into your mouth


What? Clifford Brown LP?


You can have all the cakes - I’ll have the Live Evil LP