Today I have mainly been


Being triggered by one of our crap local pub’s grammar.


pubs’ …surely?


Correct. I should have said “our crap local pub’s” since it’s the only one that is truly crap.


Sitting in a room for 5 hours watching some fuckwit trying to setup an AV control unit.

He gets stuck so he phones someone and then spends the next few hours on the phone saying to the guy “ah yes I was about to try that next”

Come 5pm it’s still not working and his response is “other bloke was an idiot, I’ll have to come back in a few weeks and try again”

Now I’ve got to tell an ex Royal Marines Brigadier his boardroom still isn’t working :frowning:


Standard response: “Heavy shit takes longer”


Forgetting to open windows in my shed while spray painting. I now have a headache and am slightly high


Sometimes the pain is worth it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fair point





Looks like a dream I had a few days ago…


Going for a spin in a friends new to him Tesla S, I was somewhat dismissive when he told me he had bought one, well I took it back about 30 seconds after we set off. It is amazing, goes like a bike, handles really well and looks really nice especially from behind. The only downer is the hideous iPad stuck in the middle of the dash. Not enough to put me off wanting one though.


My second daughters boyfriend has one, nice car, but the turning circle is like a bus.


Teaching my five year old grandson to play dominoes


Good man. Every five year old needs someone to lead them astray :grin:.



Problem is the little bugger keeps winning :smirk:


The sign of a good teacher.


Trudging round Bluewater. FML. :scream:


Waiting for a meeting to start in the SE England. Now 2 hours late starting.


Checking cameras at Oxford Circus :no_mouth: