Today I have mainly been


Played with the grandkids all morning, Mrs CC walked them and the dogs after lunch while I repaired a scooter. Now I’ve put Minions on for them. They’re laughing and I’m enjoying the soundtrack - win win.


Then up your game, or cheat. :nerd_face:


Taking my daughter with me for a bit of a road trip to Berkhamstead and back to pick up a Ladderax unit she wanted for her birthday.


You work for Telent and I claim my £5.


Bringing a new (OK, refurbed) laptop to life. Jeez, there’s only so much of that I can take.

It came with FireFox installed. When you open a new tab the default is to present you with a screen full of things you don’t want. The concept of a ‘home page’ was, in part, developed to allow you to choose a page that you do want and to default to that. How big a leap of imagination does it require to realise that if someone’s set a home page then he might just want every new tab to open at that page ? Too big a leap for Mozilla, apparently. To do this simplest, most basic, most obvious of things I actually had to load a third-party extension to FF which I only stumbled across while attempting the third unsuccessful ‘fix’ suggested on Youtube.

Does anyone else remember a time when stuff either did what the customer wanted or didn’t. And if it didn’t the people selling it went out of business ?



The irony is that companies now have so many ways to suss out what people want - automatic feedback from their software, and social media feedback from those customers - but they seem bloody good at doing something different!


Inhaling acrid smoke and evacuating the station.


Sorry Terry, but I work for the same company as you. I spent a day in a room checking and validating the cameras so the LUCC can now have live playback.


Ah. It was my rest day yesterday.


My Wife uses Oxford Circus, hope it went well with no injuries. Glad that Capeman was on hand,
Cheers Terry, our very own superhero :+1:


Four people treated for smoke inhalation. One of them was me. 2 sent to hospital but I haven’t been updated on their condition.


Very sorry to hear that, hope you recover quickly with no lasting damage. :beers:


Get well soon Terry (you might want to give the cigars a rest this weekend !). You have my sympathy. In 2002 I was evacuated from an underground train due to a fire alert which I think turned out to be a false alarm. But it was early evening and the train and station were very busy. The crowd got close to panicking and one or two people did lose it as we made our way up what seemed like endless escalators. It was certainly not an experience I’d ever want to repeat.



Writing orders for signage work on Shell garages and approving/signing off contractor’s applications/invoices for completed work on Shell garages…

…Stop yawning at the back!! :roll_eyes:


Auditing database access.

Where’s the gin?


I’m fine thanks guys. No lasting damage. Once I got everybody else out, I couldn’t find the driver so had to go back into the smoke. It caused a coughing fit.
Only agitated my asthma a bit but the paramedics insisted I be checked over.


its not you that has dug up our local Shell on the way to WGC?

I’ve spent all day chairing an interview panel - 7 candidates for two posts


Buying some records from a parsonage in Cornwall. Father was a Vicar, sister (now also Vicar) invited me down to go through their records. Seemingly the deceased ‘brother’ was the black sheep. Among the religious and birdsong recordings (numerous) were some blisteringly fiery free jazz records and a couple of copies of international times and OZ mags…It’s always interesting to go through the ‘Soundtracks of peoples lives’. Clearly the brother was a freak in his day, I like the brother a great deal.


Probably…:+1: We’re the PM for all of their UK estate.


I love that thing too, it’s detective without crime …mostly