Today I have mainly been


Ooh, birdsong records!



Aka Messaien without the rubbishness…


His early stuff wan’t too rubbish



driving, butyng wood, driving, looking at espresso machines, driving, buying more wood, driving, looking at shoes, driving , buying a pair, driving, Ikea fuck, driving and home.


Bedding dept or sofas?


Fitting the custom Ansar caps in place of the temporary yellow ones in this Stereo20.

Now for the pre-amp …



Trying to fix Windows 10 after they kindly updated me to the Creators version. After the upgrade Edge wouldn’t open. So i used Chrome to search why. Seems loads of people were having the same problem.

Microsoft kindly offered a fix which involved reloading edge. This turned off the wireless and disabled the update and security service so I couldn’t just roll back.

Just got wireless and updates back through a clean reboot resetting start up back to normal and Edge can stay bust until Microsoft provides another kindly update.

I think it’s time to move up to Linux.


off to that there London. Its Louise’s birthday, so post hotel and dinner with Huston


Definitely. Mrs CC has Windoze 10 on her lappy. It’s worse than rubbish.

Linux Lite is a belter IMV


running windows 10 on 3 machines here, two at work and Linux on a couple - and as far as I am concerned Windows 10 beats the pants off of Linux. In our labs I teach programming on both.


Any chance of reaching Microsoft how to write reliable updates :smile:


Paperwork and post mortums from yesterday’s fun.




Watching a spitfire

Looking at classic cars and bikes

and some valves…


Mmmm…vintage bikes :star_struck:








Are you a bit less yellow or summat ?