Today I have mainly been


Yer maw.


Now at the beach


I thought you were on holiday Jimmy.


At work with a saw and a few planes.


September. Canny wait like.

Going to photo-bomb the fuck outta this place fo sho.


Can one get a signal whilst camping it up in the Highlands?


You often can in the nearest pub.



Smoke signals, perhaps.


I’m away to hotter climes. We can all have a fun time guessing where :slight_smile:


Seaton Carew


Not…Redcar? Flash git.


Fucking hate T Rex.



I can still listen to them with a smile on my face, great entertainment.


Kings Lynn?


Steady on, he may be a thespian but he’s not a Hollywood megastar!


Are you suggesting that he wears comfortable sandals on his hols then?



Mostly driving back from Devon.


Calming down with a massive hangover.

For the past 2 months I’ve been organising a surprise party for Janbald’s 60th birthday down at our local.

Last night it happened and she didn’t have a clue it was on until we walked in. 70 plus friends and family waiting for her. She thought we were going to the landladies party! Left at about 2 am.

So today Sunday dinner for the family.

Mega brownie points earned which I suspect I will loose within a week.


Noise this bugger made on starting up,thought someone had hotwired my Astra