Today I have mainly been


When you show up tomorrow looking dreadful tell him “It must have been something I ate”.



there is a very nice PieMinster shop in Bristol.


tell him to ditch email completely in his organisation and use Twitter…

my consultancy invoice is in the post…


I think less about quality and more about dodgy receipts.


Isn’t it Pieminister?


it is true


There’s fuck all nice in Bristol.


The road out?


Quite nice, but then Bristol is obscured by fog


Going well so far, bottle of wine, a few pints, several shots, one fight and the night is yet young. Oh, have an invite to a Simon Lloyd gig tomorrow night. Loving Bristol.


Are you out & about with the England cricket team?


Head hurts, course predictably shite.


Feeling excited about the call I got last night offering me a ticket to see Nick Cave at the O2 tomorrow.


I listened to Nigel Kennedy playing the Sibelius violin concerto earlier. Had to put the Kavakos version on to recover.


Lying on the sofa, watching shite daytime telly, coughing and sneezing and feeling sorry for myself.


Binge watch something on Netflix, fool


Just put Blade Runner directors cut DVD on.
Might watch Narcos later.


Yes, Nurse Netflix will ease your suffering. :hospital::woman_health_worker:


The director’s cut is shit. The original is much better. :grinning:


The Final Cut is the one to have apparently. Keep meaning to get it.