Today I have mainly been


What about the 10 people behind you, they will be less excited. :innocent:


wont matter at the O2 most just watch on the big screens…unless you are in a box, or down on the floor, you are too far away to see anything worthwhile…may as well be at home watching it on YouTube


FTFY :wink:.



Nonsense, I saw The Wall from up in the gods, to one side and had an amazing view, it’s a great venue for that.


Gardening, according to fitbit I have walked 10 miles in the process.

Ready for a pint


Is this your house?


Haha, a lot of walking up and down the same patch. Been raking a lot, I reckon fitbits give you extra points


you any good at it? Want to come and trim my bush and lawn etc


I’m just the labourer, working up to bush trimming


Sorry, too busy too travel at the mo. Can you deliver to me or @Penance? Sure we can oblige.


Is it ginger?


Lou is at home now, no better, but waiting for a Nov 8th appointment for a scan and consultation at Aberdeen RA.

Apart from that I just found a mega rarity and the first ever for Fetlar! An Upland Sandpiper


Hope she is not too uncomfortable. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.


According to the local doctor it means open heart surgery. She endured that in 2013, so I reckon she can do it again :crossed_fingers:


Please give Lou my best wishes Paul.

Oh, and you too…I guess :smirk:


Your generosity is only exceeded by your beauty.

You ugly cunt



Wish her well from me too Paul.

I’m sure she’ll breeze it, whatever.


You know me too well :rofl:


Yes, I’ve always been the better looking twin :grinning:


That ain’t saying a lot though Jim :wink: