Today I have mainly been


Carry on like that Stu, and I’ll miss out your chimney in three months time…:angry:


Feck promoting yer festive gig until after Halloween @Jim.


Probably for best for his chimney.




Wondering around the AudioJumble at Tonbridge and spending close to £150.00 on vinyl


Wandering :unamused:


I held myself back there, don’t want to be thought of as a pedant…:laughing:


Mostly looking for the fucking garage fucking keys i lost yesterfuckingday.


Now I think about it I was doing both


Fucking plum :laughing:


I agree.

Anyone got an angle grinder?


Forgot today was the 1st of October and I’ve been volunteered to do Sobertober or whatever the fuck it is :rage: :scream: , so I’ve just had a bollocking for taking Ruby for a walk via the pub…

I’ll start tomorrow and do an extra day on the 1st of November :sob:


I’ll probably be sober-one-day-in-October :+1:

Or maybe not :wine_glass:


I think I spotted you at one point but was hurrying to catch Jack (Non-Smoking Man) and when I passed by again you’d moved. I spent £5 on vinyl. I bought a used test record. From Jack.

I also spent £8 on four 2000uF (yes, that’s right) 450VDC electrolytics. Each one can store more than 200 joules which is the standard energy of a defibrillator. To be used with care. I picked up a few small valves and some other electronic bits and pieces. But for me it’s mostly a chance to meet up with old friends and exchange the odd piece of kit.



Ah it was you! I wasn’t sure, we’ve only met the once. The Lenco Heaven mob were there as well.

I saw some 47,000uF (that is the right number of 0s) caps but only 25v rated otherwise I’d have grabbed them for my ILP modules I’m playing with again.

I was looking for some 6SN7’s but couldn’t find any.

I always go. If you’re there in Feb I’ll spring for the teas.


hung two cheap new solid oak bathroom cabinets only bought for the carcass and door - reoriented one so it can take tall bottles, new door hinges, new handles and applied frosted film to door windows…


Homebrewing a russian imperial stout (11%) and some more Kolsch.

The stout should be ready for (a very drunken) christmas.




May have called Marco a cunt but in my defence he is a cunt and deserves to be called a cunt.


No arguments from me mate, he’s as bad as the other cunt who’s acting all holier than thou at the moment.