Today I have mainly been


been to a 150 th anniversary bash of a church partially funded by the lloyds family [ the bank] and the used to drive their horse and carriage there each week . the place was destroyed by a tornado [ it was a mercy as it was fallling apart ] in 2005

and now has a fabulous health centre on the site and a state of the art church on a next door plot . i was amazed to see no evidence of vanadalism as its in a VERY deprived area . fabulous to see how the community has used it . great to see lots of old friends from years ago


Searched for the Upland Sandpiper for 2 hours to try and get the news out if it was still there. No sign though, then a few carloads of birders arrived from other parts of Shetland and they all looked without success.

Went home, cooked late breakfast, took the dogs out for an hour, cooked roast pork dinner.

Beer o’clock now. Speckled Hen.


Desperate times. I’ll have to do the beer thing. PM me your address as Parcelforce would need it.


Did your dog have a rather guilty look and was not very hungry at dinner time?




Dropped our eldest daughter off at Lancaster to start uni. Then had a fantastic pub lunch at a country inn near the forest of Bowland followed by a nice drive through it. A weird day really, I feel old and a bit empty. I am sure she will have the time of her life though and she is at a uni that has a great feel. Its all good.


Lancaster is in a great position to explore the Lake District. What is she studying?

My son has just finished his Phd at York and loved it.

How old do you think I feel???


Hopefully not as old as you look.


Our Daughter graduated from Lancaster this year, she loved her time there.


Fuck right off!!

(Holding post while I think of something clever)


She is doing Politics and International relations Mick. The Uni has a good rep for it and now is not a bad time to be studying it, she can help me try and make sense out of this modern post-truth world :neutral_face:


Send her my very best Paul, and to you too. Hang on in there :+1:.



Daughter studied Politics and Philosophy, now working in a very junior role at Westminster.


its a great town to be a student in


Criterion Laserdisc is the best one :wink:


don`t worry mick , yesterday at a reunion bash , a very good friend I had not seen in 20 years asked me my name !! he did not recognise me as I am bald now !!! and older !


Spent over 1k this last week.

What have I got to show for it???

A dog with 18 less teeth. And a piece of paper with MOT written on it.

At least my 12 year old dog is now wagging her tail crazily again and has odour free breath (a miracle). And my same age BMW is ok…


Day 2 of TOGAF course. Pretty sure my head will explode by Friday. Messy.


I had to look TOGAF up. I thought some of the ‘Criticism’ points at the bottom of the Wikipedia article were funny e.g.

‘using TOGAF’ can be best explained as ‘studying TOGAF and then doing something else instead’ and

for many organizations, TOGAF has gained traction simply because it’s better than doing nothing



I dunno… Research evidence shows that "most TOGAF recommendations are usually found inapplicable"
Sounds about right for most top-down plans in an organisation