Today I have mainly been


So did I, and I still don’t understand what it is!!!


Quite true. It’s more of a CV thing. No-one really uses it fully or unadapted.


Noting the rise of headbands being sported down the gym. Wearers will all perish come the reckoning


they may do but their brows will be dry and they will be able to see their perishing clearly as they wont have sweat in their eyes


Ziggy say it ain’t so! You are one of them?


not possible the gymnasium is an alien concept to me…apart from the German Gymnasium which is a restaurant that sells cooked pork products.


It’s got circles and lines. I like it already.


I love the fact that the standard producer fails to provide working large organisations where it is used successfully as a reference site.

Our group IT Architect is trying something like this, that is before he pushes up costs and gets sacked.


Agree in the gym but for running I find them crucial. I have a lovely Bjorn Borg esque headband which does the job :+1:


In Gyro’s ready reckoner for corporate baloney this term is defined as being synonymous with Onanist.

Also Ambitious = Suicidal

etc. etc.


Survived another day. Got into an argument with another delegate during an exercise. I now know what views and viewpoints are. Also concerns. Only two days to go. I’m only doing it so I understand what the enterprise architects are in about.


Ask them about the walls and what their thoughts are about the fastenings? :fist:


Their answer would be: “yes, some walls and fastenings”. But only as abstract concepts.


We have one in Germany, he joined a year ago and said we were all shit and that he will fix it. A year later and zip has happened. I am looking forward to the output in 2025.


EA’s don’t fix stuff, they just tell you what stuff needs fixing. (but not necessarily how)


Capita made me do a TOGAF course when I was a solution architect, complete and utter load of old bollox, I just used it as a jolly to get shit faced in the evenings and sleep through the training.


These guys design space ships. They deserve respect.


They crash in every trek film I’ve watched so they can’t be that great.


Mostly reforming high-voltage electrolytic capacitors, some of them quite large. It’s dull (we hope) - think watching paint dry with a low-level risk that the whole shebang will explode, literally.



Considering whether to update my CV. The new management and their motives remain a mystery to me. I may bin IT entirely and plough a new furrow.