Today I have mainly been


LMK if you come up with a workable idea.

I swear off software development every couple of years, but end up drifting back into it.


Fishing the river Wye…


jammy bugger…wish I was there too!

had anything?


Trying to organise a circle jerk?


Nothing today…

Last day of three, eight barbel and three chub so far. The weather has changed today though, bright, windy and chilly out of the sun. Can only improve!


I got biscuits…


Does it help having dame edna glasses on the rod?


Day off and having a road trip later to collect tonearm and maybe other goodies.


that’s why he’s only had an everage catch :wink:

coat time methinks :+1:


Nothing is really helping today. Maybe I should have gone for the diamante…


To top it off I got a speeding ticket today for the road outside work!

36 in a 30. It’s a huge dual carriageway and I have no idea why the average speed camera got me.
It’s like they knew I was skint and picked me out.

I’m a little bit sick of this month.


You stick your tackle out and see what bites.


bad news , what a bummer !!


I usually join the road after the first camera and leave before I cross two.

Seems the one trip I have made in ages where I pass two cameras I have just creeped above. Sickens me when I use the road every day and know it’s there!!


Thinking about getting a different job!


Did you try appropriate musical accompaniment (the relevance to angling becomes apparent about 1 minute in) ?



Waiting for the courier to collect my son’s Apple lappy which died.


Luckily enough for the fish, my companions and anyone else within earshot, your post arrived too late for me to try it. :grinning:

When the sun went down the fish started feeding and it turned into a pretty good day in the end. The Wye Valley is stunningly beautiful by the way…

Back to work today :pensive:


Out of interest, where on the Wye were you? And beyond a rod licence what permit did you need?


One for Tinkerbell here, how’s this for a domestic system? :thinking: