Today I have mainly been


That’s art that is.


The last couple of days we were fishing at Fownhope and Tuesday we were at Backney. Bookable here:

It isn’t cheap but you book a beat, which means you have each venue to yourselves.

I hadn’t fished there before this week and it is unlike anywhere I have been before. Forget yer southern lowland rivers meandering through water meadows, The Wye is a beast! Seriously powerful, with steep banks and a lot of rocks. You need strong tackle to cope with it. Often, a proper cast is necessary and in a lot of cases this week, 3 Or 4 ounces to hold bottom. My 2lb test curve rod wasn’t man enough to deal with it in some cases. A proper wild river though and teeming with fish. I can’t wait to go back!


Snigger obvs



I should hope you do if you’re going to beat it


Fruit of loint learning the joys of twerking


Has someone burgled your house?


Or are you burgling someone else’s house ?



one of your sockets is leaking electricity into the room


You appear to have an Umbrella open indoors, jolly bad luck that you know chap.


Twerking… a likely story. Mind you, If I had a son, I’d be teaching him to do big farts like his Dad too…:wink:


Thank christ you have daughters…


Not just a Dealer Scumbag but a Landlord also.

For the holy cunt trinity I am keen to continue pulling the political strings of my gloopy man beast Stronzetto. Power to the people

The trouble with burgling is from time to time you have to run away…Most unsightly in a portly gent.

Parenting 101, age 3 fruit of loin said “Smell this one” when climbing into our bed at 4am…It’s difficult being frustrated and proud at the same time but he taught me it is possible.


Popped over to the paint finishers we use today. They had a Lamborghini in for finishing. The quality of the original welding was apauling.


A thing of utter beauty.

If I had fitted that lot I would insist on perspex ceilings or at the very least a red ribbon, a pair of extremely large scissors and a mayor when switching it on.

Bet you probably drilled through it or hit it with some kind of large hammer? Fucking builders.


That’ll be next week :joy: BTW it’s all crimped fittings which I have never seen before.


Very popular now. Some sites dont allow hotworks etc.

I’ve never used them on copper only on Uponor plastic. Very reliable, but you need special crimping tool.


Just out of interest, WTF is it ? Is it the plumbing equivalent of that French wiring scheme where everything has its own radial lead back to the consumer unit ?



Heating system for an extremely large house, was originally about 35 bedrooms, will compromise of 12 suites when finished. That is the pipework rising from the cellar where the boiler will be situated. All pipework will be chased into walls. You should see the wiring, cat 6, cat 7, alarms, plus mains cables it looks nightmarish.


How many feckin cats have they got…:stuck_out_tongue: