Today I have mainly been


For that you need a new coat


incredible …


Recovering after [finally] getting rid of our Strayans. Great food eaten, plenty of booze, long days touring around visiting some wonderful little villages and some bigger tourist spots, combined with loads of chatter, have taken their toll. It’s lovely to have some peace, quiet and some time for US.

A large G&T, some fresh Bass is the oven and a NZ Sauvignon in the fridge will set us up nicely for a recharge day.


Recovering from night out in Che-Vegas :confounded:. Lots of cocktails and dancing till 3. Sweating it out now.


Google has drawn a complete blank on that one. Have you been sizing up some slot-machine arcade in Chesterfield as a post-half-marathon ‘star-spangled celebration nite’ venue ?



Piping up a boiler and underfloor heating circuit whilst considering whether we really are living in a simulated universe.


Tim @Spider can confirm the use of the term to describe the glamour of Chesterfield nightlife


It’s an interesting idea. I can’t even begin to think about how you would prove it one way or another. I did start to think that computation speed might be a limiting factor, but of course time is only our perception of it: the computer that runs us exists outside of our time.

I have heard it says that some (like Elon Musk, I think) believe that we probably are in a simulation, simply because it seems vanishingly remote that we are in a base universe. I’m not sure I buy that argument.

Does it really make any difference? Obviously knowing would make a difference, but if we never get to find out, do we really care?


Have you driven round the half marathon course there yet?


Today I have been doing sod all. Been working in the US for the last 10 days, got home Wednesday and due to jetlag ive not slept properly, until last night that is. Went to be at 22.30 and woke at 9 this morning. Not slept like that for years. Sat around the house all day relaxing, which has been, and still is, great.


Not yet, i plan to do so Monday lunchtime. Also might have a running partner who also wants to run about 10.5 to 11 minute mile pace.


I think you’re right not to buy it, whatever argument you put in place of the ellipsis. ‘How things seem’ has very little to do with logical argument.

I’ve heard it suggested that the entity running the simulation (God ?) might have left us a clue which, once we’re smart enough to cope with the impact of the discovery, we’ll find. Have you ever wondered what all that ‘junk DNA’ is for ? Wouldn’t it be intriguing if there’s a chunk of it somewhere which reads out as the first 10,000 digits of pi base 4 (4 since we’ve only got As, Cs, Gs and Ts) :grinning:.



Totally fascinating concept I agree.

Was reading about S. James Gates and apparently he has found computer code in some equations that describe the universe.

I’m not bothered either way, but I am leaning against the multiple universe/simulation theory as that would mean there would be a universe where Rabsbert isn’t banging on about being pissed in a fountain.

I just find that TOO unlikely. :slight_smile:


Lou had organised a coffee ‘n’ cake afternoon at the Island Hall with a raffle to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. As she’s not well, I helped out along with a few others and we managed to raise £356 for the charity.

Not at all bad for an island of <60 adults, especially taking into account that 6 of them are on holiday and four more were working off island today.


Having misspent my youth in Chesterfields lavish night life scene I can totally not confirm this :slight_smile:


And as a bonus you didn’t get shot :+1:


Good work.

It is quite surprising how small communities get involved and are quite generous per capita.

Our village had a coffee morning in the Village Hall yesterday for a local charity (first Friday of every month). Out of a total population of circa 100 people, 30 attended, raising £280 for the hospice.


Thankfully not. Fortunately ive had nothing but good experiances of all the states I’ve visited over the years and the people ive met along the way. Admittedly the country is a mess of contradictions but when you’re there it feels significantly different to how its perceived and portrayed from afar, ime anyway.


I’ve never been despite living a few miles away for over 10 years. I have family in North Carolina but unfortunately he’s gone full tilt yank, big pickup truck and a house full of guns. He gave his 12 year old granddaughter a shotgun last Christmas. Muppet.

But I’ve heard reports like yours from loads of people. It certainly is a place of extreme contradictions.


I can confirm that the term ChesVegas is in fact a bonefide description of the night life that is unique to Chesterfield