Today I have mainly been


Had a terrible lunch at a gastro pub, feckin’ awful cold and tough roast beef dinner.

Ms ICHM not felling well as well.


Went for a nice family walk with doggy at Hardwick Hall then watched the F1 then washed the pots…


spent the weekend away with an amazing bunch of folks from our community [100 plus] . went to the quinta residential in weston rhyn . highly recommended . we had loads of music, reflection , stuff for the kids , lots of food of course and a great chance to get to know people better


Making Ellies bed.

No, not struggling with a duvet. Sawing and drilling wood to make a bed frame from scratch, then joining it to a surplus Ikea expedit unit to make her a double bed with some storage.

Then, because I had the saw out, and some spare timber, I made some braces for the decking roof.


Washed our cars with a Karcher & Snow foam. Good fun.


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We’ve got a twitchers thread for any more content you may have Paul.

Just sayin’, because I like the pics. & @Adpully


Thought that thread had gone west in the great fire.



Broken down again


Oh bollocks :slightly_frowning_face:




Probably somewhere in the engine would be my guess


Drove up to Hucknall to collect my t/t.


Into Plymouth to see Guardian reporter John Harris give an excellent talk on contemporary politics.

Well worth a look if he comes anywhere near you.


I wrote a review on Tripadvisor and got a reply from a manager. After giving more info and an “investigation” I received another reply today stating (and I haven’t edited it);

"Rest assured that we have internally investigated this and will take the necessary steps for this to happen again."

Says it all really :roll_eyes:




Contemplating the meaning of life.


You mean you have one !!?! :flushed:


Thirty one quid for two drinks, had the world gone Fucking mad!

It’s a tall building, granted, but that’s one hell of a premium to pay for the"ambience".


It’s actually cheaper to buy a drink than pay to view from the observation deck :roll_eyes:

Oh, and £31.50 didn’t include the price of the Tonic :wink: