Today I have mainly been


You should have taken her up the Oxo tower instead.




:stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Or some sort of play on arse gravy. :smile:


Austere parenting



Are you demonstrating how to flag down an RAC recovery truck?


It’s a bit like that but with more tears in my eyes and smoke coming out of my ears


And sweaty crack


I maked these…


I was a bit bored so I thought I would check the Linn Asak I found in a drawer.

It needs a good clean, and there is a bit of wear on it.


Sell it as vintage.


Will keep it as an emergency spare for when I have my next accident.
Was tempted to have a look at the Koetsu tip, but I would more than likely fuck it up.


Wow, great images!


I should have a better microscope to play with later in the week. Should be able to do better then. It will show the wear up a little better, and I will be able to get a better angle for the images.


Cantilever looks bent in the first pic or is it just an illusion


It’s about as dirty as your mind :wink:


Stuck in a massive spreadsheet of costs, quite like it actually.


Getting to Kalymnos


Walked from Ambleside to Elterwater then over Silver Howe to Grasmere and back. 15 miles and 1800 ft climbed. Knackered.


A bit of this, not very well (it’s been a long time)