Today I have mainly been


In this hotel ( everything is cooked to order - eggs were freshly cooked with runny yolks - (no rubber evident), bacon done perfectly for me although Louise prefers hers crisped to a cinder.


I’m guessing Mr MWS paid a visit. :grinning:



Cream tea in a brioche bun?


Seriously wank.


Gardening and taking things down the dump. I wish I was snorting coke and with a bevy of hookers, but that is not happening. Just watching Heat instead.


We like to live on the edge down here.
We won’t be told how to eat our clotted cream and jam scones by Westminster


Mr MWS has to keep his blood sugar levels elevated so that he is prepared for any situation that might present itself…


Indulging in domestic bliss.
Bit of shoveling gravel. Bit of weeding. Drive to the shops for milk and Sunday papers. Bit of BBQing. Bit of eating. Bit of drinking. Bit of reading.
Back to early starts tomorrow (04:00), so just kicking back. Too cold and windy outside for a cigar but I’m in Italy in a weeks time, so plenty of time for that.


Will they have got everything (rolling stock etc) back in the right places by the time you start tomorrow?


Don’t know. Don’t care :thumbsup:


Just noticed the clotted cream / jam nose bag actually made me boss eyed. This is a good thing non?


Also referred to a footballers eyes, one at home, the other playing away…


A reverse joke.

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?


It’s a nice route when the weather is kind which is not often these days :grinning:

The Relive app is brilliant - I usually save the bigger rides in a folder in my email and watch them every now and again - sad I know.


Laughing my arse off at how my adopted home city deals with those neanderthal tools from the EDL.


Putting together a bee hive


I wanted one but my wife refused.

Love to know anyone who could reassure me that they could be easily placed at the end of a big garden. And safe for pets. And not a complete ball ache, regret purchase that seemed like a good idea but the jars in supermarkets are the same minus hassle type thing etc. Etc blah.


My wife regards eating honey as ‘mugging the bees’ i.e. pretty much an environmental outrage. When I tell her “Goddammit they’re just bugs” she reacts in much the same way as I fear the bees would. Only she’s bigger and the stings hurt more.



Last year I had a large mob of ground bees in the veg patch. This year we have another mob in the rafters. Don’t know whether natural bee homes are hives?

Anyway neither have caused us any problem other than the need to rescue the odd exhausted bee with a sugar / water solution. Within minutes it’s on its way.