Today I have mainly been


I’ve tried a saucer of sugar and water with some dopey bumbles, but they seem to ignore it…

I take it there’s no trick I am missing?


It doesn’t work every time Steve but when it does they extend a tube and suck up the sugar solution. It can take a bit of patience as I find they often role over and lay in it!

Funny but I have never been stung while helping them out.

Now wasps…


Hasn’t worked for me either but will try again since you’ve said this.


That said, when I have got the foam out it always ends up in a party.

Fickle things, bees.


On my way to hospital for the usual shite. On the plus side, we’ve absolutely coined it in on the back of fluctuations in the ££ and the FTSE 250. I love an election from a professional point of view :smile:


Capitalist wanker :joy:


You forgot ‘greedy’


Greedy is subjective.


Laughing at the Tory landslide predictions


Eating a large apple and cream pastry…


Fighting merge conflicts.


Wishing I was heading to Lopwell


Heading to Lopwell


Buying some clothes


Fixt :thumbsup:


There were walking trousers, tee shirts x6 , socks x 12 running shorts and shoes all for under £60.


Primani ?


Eat more bread :smiley:


Oh and a baseball cap and raincoat as well - Decathlon and sports direct were the lucky vendors.
Bread is now back on the table so I will be having a go again at that sometime soon.


Lancashire v Middlesex at Southport.