Today I have mainly been


today equating… why o why when someone who I line manage wants to go through job evaluation for a promotion, do I the line manager have to do all the work


I bet you were the only one taking pictures of your dinner, Jim :smiley:


Did you wear the Daisy Dukes Jim? :heart_eyes:


Nah John, trousers, collar and jacket were compulsory, so I had a whistle on :slightly_smiling_face:


Their loss mate.


Not your purple hobbit cape then? :slightly_frowning_face:


Could have done with it tbh Wayne - the sun was frying the top of my head!!


Looks like Lopwell with slightly better weather.


And less cultured company.


Probably much less farting though


Christ yes. The bedroom absolutely reeked when I went to bed Saturday night. Luckily the amount of Knob consumed meant I wasn’t conscious for long. :nauseated_face:


Did you have a go on a horse?


They’re polo horses, not shires…


:roll_eyes: You’re not exactly feckin Twiggy yerself.


Whilst they might be horses, to those in the know they are apparently called Polo Ponies.


Indeed :smiley:

Equus caballus both…


Doing work.


Powerpointing people to death, what fun.


Board meeting - landing some very difficult financial decisions :grimacing:


Bloody pen pushers. Get yourself a proper shift in.

This was tight squeeze. Still … the only difference between try and triumph is a little umph.