Today I have mainly been


Doesn’t the baby dalek get lonely in that cupboard?


them:. here is a 30 page document for you to sign…

me:I shall read it first and then if it is ok i’ll sign it.

them:hmmm… so you can’t just sign it?

me: err no…

them: ok i’ll wait until you have read it and then signed?

me: it can join the back of the queue along these other 3 or 4 things, I don’t mind you sitting quietly at my conference table, but I hope you’ve bought supplies as it will probably Monday afternoon before I am in a position to sign it on the assumption there is nothing wrong with it…

them: so you won’t sign it now then? I’ll have to find someone else…

me: ok bye

an hour later, them: no one else will sign it…

me: I know, only me and the Dean can sign it (and he is away)

them: can I leave it with you and collect on Monday afternoon.

me: see this pile of exam scripts? they just arrived for marking, come back on Tuesday afternoon…


I think you may need to drop by the thread and pick up your free, no-quibble cock punch for specific and gratuitous, mention of conference table.

Is it not just a desk in your room?


Now that makes a refreshing change! :slight_smile:


I have been inspecting mineral felt roofing installations for defects today.

It’s fecking hot up there!! :sunny:


Worst job in the world in lofts in summer.


Take your cape off then Jim !



Lounging on a stinking hot beach with the occasional glimpse of a nubile young thing whilst drinking beer.

A bit bored now. Think we’ll start on wine.


you peeking over the top of a newspaper…


Arranging demos. I fancy a new turntable/arm/cartridge and phono stage and am finally going to do something about it. Very tempted to get new speakers.

Being a tad yellow around the edges has its benefits. I have spent roughly £0 on booze for a year and a half (apart from an incident with @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi in Oxford), saved loads, and can get away with spending it all too!!!


my office


You’re too old for that sort of thing - stick with the wine - it’ll keep you flaccid :laughing:


Sure we used to have one of those at school, driven from a BBC Micro, if memory serves.


Just got it,will be pulling it apart and rebuilding it,well the bloke I work with will


Today with a friend I walked from home to Farmoor reservoir then around it and back - Watched a kingfisher fishing on the Thames, lovely . 15 miles.


Being trained (badly) to suck eggs by someone who doesn’t under the software they just sold us. :facepunch:


First day of a software craftsmanship unconference at Hatton House in Surrey.


A conference desk then :slight_smile:


Spent a great afternoon catcing up with an old mate I’ve not seen for yonks over a few of these :thumbsup: