Today I have mainly been


Happy Birthday Narelle :birthday:


Happy Birthday to Narelle from Louise and I


Happy Birthday Narelle.

Great opportunity to take over the stereo from the git for the whole day!


Many happy returns Narelle. Your pick all night on the jukebox!


Yes a Happy Birthday to Narelle from the scorching N.E. I shall raise a bottle of Stella for her shortly after working up a thirst on a 10 miler of deserted secret Northumbrian coastline.

While all the grockles are pitching tents and disposable bbq’s at the likes of Cresswell etc, … we have this to ourselves.

Bonza! as our be-cloaked, cigar sucking Antipodean would say.


Have you got your factor 50 on? Slip, slap, slop.


Alas from yesterdays shenanigans.

I look like a fucking Sunderland supporter.

Plus … does anyone know if Graeme crossed that road ok? Apparently, that is all I kept saying last night. :frowning:


No accident reports, so I guess so :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday to Narelle.


Lego for big folk does not come in numbered bags :rage:. After a ton of ball ache sorting bits out, the Mossley Hill Branch of the V-Dub Combi empire looks like this


Few hours at Lopwell once it cooled down;


Wot, no fires?


Not needed today.


Nice journey home from near Dorking in Surrey this morning. I’m glad that I didn’t stop for lunch at the venue because I’d have got caught in the long traffic queue on the M25 near Heathrow.


Another glorious day on the Teeside Riviera.

Who knew they filmed Poldark in Redcar?


Building V-Dub. I’ve a sore back from excess Lego. :disappointed:


Working. All. Fucking. Day. :thumbsdown::rage:


Took the girls to Grenfell, they wanted to donate some of their toys but having heard that they have been inundated with donations we laid some flowers instead, a harrowing scene and deeply moving.
Then into town for pizza over indulgence at my favourite cut price eatery.


Ditto - I feel your pain mate


BBQing a Pork Shoulder whilst working from home.