Top gear


It’s difficult to know where to go next tbh, in the creative element of this program… imo…


So the current season has come to an end, and while it’s a ‘pleasant’ show, it’s not been particularly ground breaking or innovative, imo…

The viewing figures are interesting, which seems to back this up…


The Extra Gear show is better in my humble opinion.


Watched 20 mins of one,found it awkward and clumsy in terms of presenters


I actually would like some top gear.

Has anyone any contacts up here?


Don’t for the love of all that is holy ever watch the new top gear america, it’s got some hatchet faced b-list actor I vaguely recognize, a top fuel drag racer who I’ve never heard of and 5th gear reject tom ford. I managed to watch about 10 minutes of 2 episodes before concluding that it was a bag of old wank and turning it off.


So, like the UK one?